Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Facebook: Preparing For Titanfall?

"You know those islanders that live peacefully with nature and are happy? GIVE THEM INTERNET!"

Mark Zuckerberg has started a campaign called internet.org, which aims to give internet to people in poor countries who don't have it. No, he's not planning on giving people who live in the middle of the forest in England it, but instead to people in Africa and other poor areas. To do this, Zuckerberg has said that he'll use a number of drones to provide internet, sort of like a sentient Wi-Fi Hotspot that could kill you if it so wished. I'll stick to Starbucks Wi Fi, thanks.

Seriously though, this is a great cause, and rumor has it that Facebook are planning on buying drone makers Titan Aerospace for $60 million to help, and I think that it's a great idea. Titan have said on their website that they are currently building a solar-powered drone, and since there's a lot of sun in Africa, that could tie in well with internet.org.

What do you guys think? Is giving internet to poor countries a big idea? Or do we need to solve other problems, like hunger and dictatorship? Tell us in the comments below!

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