Thursday, 20 March 2014

EE? More Like EA!

Except EA don't have Kevin Bacon.

After EE was voted was voted Best Mobile Operator in the UK on Tuesday, EE pretty much undid that award after some of their unlucky Bacon Worshipers in places like Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester were unable to text, use 4G and, most importantly, MAKE CALLS. I mean, everyone goes crazy for phone calls, right? Or am I just living in 2001? Anyways, EE is blaming the network failure, which happened from Wednesday evening until Tuesday morning, on "gremlins". And we thought that they were satisfied with breaking planes. Greedy eejeets!

However, EE has managed to fix the problem pretty quickly, so that's all fine and dandy. It's good that they did, as 24.9 million people are subscribed to EE, which is a pretty meteoric rise since they were founded in 2012! This is really the first problem EE have had in a long time, and that's probably the reason why it's been voted the UK's Best Mobile Operator. So it's REALLY not like EA at all. Never ever forever never ever.

What do you guys think? Were you affected by the network drop? Or is this just a minor incident that you isn't that important? Tell us in the comments below!

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