Monday, 3 March 2014

CarPlay: The Next DUI?

What's the Apple equivalent of a Glasshole? An iPoop?

Apple have just revealed the latest in-car craze since... the radio? That new craze in CarPlay, which has so far been revealed to be in Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo cars. Basically, CarPlay is a screen in your car that you can connect your iPhone to. Once it's connected, the screen will display the iPhones native apps, like Apple Maps, Music, Phone and other bog-standard apps you'd use for your phone. Have you ever wanted to have an argument with Siri that gets so heated that you crash the car and end up in A&E? If you do, CarPlay is the thing for you! Also, you should probably get your head checked out.

That's really all Apple has revealed at the moment, and to be honest, it's really nothing special. Cars have music players, built in sat navs and speakerphones, so the only thing of note about CarPlay is it's Siri functions, which could be amazing if used well. Imagine if you were on the way home from Newcastle for some random reasons and you wanted to pick up a couple of greasy slabs of horsemea- sorry, McDonalds burgers, but you didn't know the area? Just ask Siri, and you'll be well on your way to clinical obesity in no time! The only other downside I can see in CarPlay is that it needs an iPhone. Sure, that sounds stupid, but what if you just bought an expensive Ferrari, and realised you had to buy an overpriced iPhone? Wait, if you can afford a Ferrari, you could probably afford and iPhone. Scratch that.

What do you guys think? Will CarPlay be revolutionary in the way we use our cars? Or is it just another nice extra that has no practical use? Tell us in the comments below!

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