Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Windy Forge!

Hi guys!

Joe here with a review of Windforge. This game, as always, will be judged on the graphics, game play, story and soundtrack as well as the UI and custom features so you guys know what you're in for. This game was made by Snowed In Studios and is available on Steam, Desura and the Humble Store.
Let me start of with some background information, so lets meet our character!
You can create a character with some basic choices e.g hair colour, gender etc and choose an occupation of your character. I chose a male butcher with blue hair! ;) These choices will affect how your character looks and feels at the start of  the game.

Character Customization

The story of this game is not what i expected at all! When i heard of this game I was expecting something to do with wizards or magical forces in some unknown land. Anyway the story starts on Cordeus, a town dependent on mining whale oil, as all the food and technology comes from this oil. However the number of sky whales are going extinct so your character is enlisted to find a new source of energy for the town. Ancient people named the Aetherkin had exotic sources of energy. Energy more powerful than anything any human has ever seen. Unfortunately, research related to the Aetherkin is strictly forbidden by law. It is up to you to find this energy without being caught...

Story - 3 & 4

This game is an RPG platformer that is set in a steampunk world. There are many craftable items and you even get to fly your own airship. What's not to love ?? The unchangeable key bindings are very annoying when playing this game; maybe something they could change in the future. One fun feature of gameplay is there is no barriers; you can break everything and with no invisible walls the possibilities are endless. Another key point of gameplay is that your decisions can reflect on how the world evolves. 

What's not to love.

The difficult controls and inventory screens let this game down. To start I couldn't work out what I was doing for a while, which is not good for a first time player of this game. Also the story is narrated with pictures.  With text based story the game was hard to get into which was really disappointing as it had so much promise. The graphics were OK, nothing too amazing but the animation did fit the steam punk feel of the game, so they did well on that!

Why this game is cool 

The originality of the story is very good and the whole feel of the game is just very nice. Personally I haven't seen another game out there that is done quite like this one. Also the soundtrack is amazing. I really like soundtracks of games so hats off to the audio team for that. For me the story was the selling point of the game so I am glad that it delivered. 


This game was good. I was pleased with the outcome but it's nothing amazing. As Snowed In Studios' first major game, I think it may put them on the map so who knows what's on the cards! 
Graphics: The graphics were suitable but could have been better, maybe some crisper imagery and smoother animation sequences. 
Story: The story was very good. In my opinion I enjoyed the game and I feel it was the strongest part of the RPG. 
Soundtrack: The score by Mike O.K was sweet. I am a sucker for good audio so this really boosted the whole game for me adding so much to the story.
Gameplay: This is what let this game down. The key bindings and inventory screens really disappointed me. Some of the controls were hard and the actions could be a bit more in depth.

This game was very entertaining, I enjoyed playing it so I recommend that you guys check it out and keep an eye out for this developer as you never know what's around the corner. SHOUT OUT to Jennifer Chorlton who sent us a review copy of the game, your the best! :) 

THE SCORE: out of 10 I give this game an 6.5 as there was a lot to improve on, but all in all a solid game!

Hope you liked the review and make sure to check out the game if it sounds good to you!

Have fun 

Joe :)  

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