Friday, 28 February 2014

You're Broadcasting The Fighter Within? That's A Banning!

"Hey, if you're streaming inappropriate games that WE'VE allowed on the Xbox One, you'll get banned!" Dumb Xbox Guy

After the news that Twitch is coming in the March Xbox One Update, Microsoft have announced that the Xbox One moderators will be able to not only ban people from Twitch if they're streaming XXX content, but also be able to ban them from Xbox Live! Sheesh Bill, this is Twitch, not Omegle! Anyways, Twitch moderators will also be combing Twitch, so if your video's flagged, you haven't got much of a chance of escaping. My advice would be to flee to Hong Kong and start a new account.

Sure, this is standard procedure for any video service, but the main reason this has been announced was because of the PS4 free game The Playroom. This is basically a tech demo for the Playstation Camera which is available to all, and has you interacting with mini robots, but you can see yourself doing it on the TV screen, so you can stream it. Just the word "interacting" already gives you ideas.

What do you guys think? Is banning people from Xbox Live just for being inappropriate of Twitch too harsh? Or do you think that it's a fitting punishment? Tell us in the comments below!

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