Tuesday, 11 February 2014

You Lose Tuesday, Sinclair C5!

The Sinclair C5 was set to be the ultimate vehicle for kids and adults. It only went 15mph, so was safe enough for even a baby (That's a lie!) to drive. It was battery powered, therefore good for the environment. You had to do no manual labor to drive it, and it cost much less than a car.

And it still sucked.

That's right, what was supposed to revolutionize the transport world only sold 17,000 electric tricycle thingies, and everyone still makes fun of it. Including us! But why? Why did everyone hate it? And why can I not drive this thing right now?

That, my dear idiot (Myself.) is because, if you think about it, it's a terrible formula! No windows, doors or roof made the driver pretty much open to whatever Mother Nature could throw at him/her (No sexism on this blog!), including hail! Plus, you know how Britain is dull and cold, and how batteries get less power when they're cold? Well, your problem's right there, as you could barely get anywhere without puttering and purring into an embarrassing standstill. And, of course, is the fact you're centimeters off of the ground, and if the Demolition Derby comes to town, you better stay off the streets!

Sure, solutions for these were sold, but you can't put a price on safety! Unless you're a capitalist! *grumble*.

And obviously, with something for a tiny battery for an engine, hills were going to be a problem, but nobody expected that even the tiniest of hills were unclimbable, forcing the poor Sinclairs into a gradient-based submission.

For that, you stupid little C5s, we don't salute you, but instead we shun you  from our Vespas!

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