Thursday, 27 February 2014

You Know What Everyone Wants? More Flappy Bird Clones!

Mobile Gaming: Guaranteed Innovation Every Decade!

After Apple and Google FINALLY agreed on something, which was killing all the Flappy Bird clones, it turns out that Apple aren't holding up their side of the deal. The Google Play store seems to be quite clone-free at the moment (Haven't said that in a while!), Flappy Clones seem to be dominating the Apple App Store charts, with games like Ironpants and Splashy Fish doing well, and it also turns out that 1/3rd of games released on the App Store yesterday were Flappy Clones. Yep that's right, all 95 of them, all with their glorious "innovative" storylines and "well-designed" characters. Seriously, with the state of the mobile market, you could just get a sandwich floating through a maze of graham crackers and you'd top the charts.

Seems like a Flappy Cy-Clone? Eh?

I mean, people really just don't get the message! The mobile games market is supposed to let ANYONE make a game, but not like this? I mean, FlyFlyBirdySaga! I can think of at least a million games that it's ripped off, yet these people keep thinking that making more clones is a better idea than actually making a decent game! And Apple?

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