Thursday, 13 February 2014

Xbox Doesn't Realize 1080p Exists

We got a double whammy of Titan-sized news today, as the screen resolutions for the Titanfall beta have been revealed for the Xbox One and PC. Guess which one is worse!

That's right, even console exclusive Titanfall (Still, it is the beta!) isn't running at 1080p! That's when you know that Xbox really doesn't get graphics! The beta will be running at the oddly-specific 792p, but don't get us wrong, it looks great! It's just weird how an exclusive looks worse than a cross platform game! (Battlefield 4, running at 900p) Playstation players can go all Pacino on Microsoft, as the PS4 has already produced 1080p games!

Of course, the PC Posse can laugh at the petty war between Miccy Mouse and Sony Pony, as their games have been running on 1080p for so long, that 8-Bit graphics is the new 1080p! Of course, PC Gamers will get their slice of Titanfall Beta filled with gooey 1080p, which is man-shootingly beautiful!

What do you guys think? Is 792p acceptable for a next gen game? Or are you expecting Titanfall to be 1080p when it's released? Tell us in the comments below!

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