Thursday, 20 February 2014

Who Needs Windows?

Isn't it easier to put a bunch of micro-cameras outside the plane and connect to huge TVs instead of using windows?

Plane manufactures Spike Aerospace have found out how to make a jet that goes faster than the speed of sound, just by removing windows and replacing them with huge TV screens. You might be thinking "Great, so instead of seeing the sky, I just see TOWIE?". You couldn't be more wrong. You can see the sky alright! This is done by a bunch of micro cameras attached to the plane that will livestream the outside world onto the screens of the jet!

But what is the point of this? Is this just another unnecessary novelty that we'll have no use for in a couple of years? Hell nah! The reason that Spike have done this is because it makes the plane lighter and more aerodynamic, plus Spike claim that it could fly from London to New York in 4 hours. However, if you hate nature and beautiful panoramic views of the sky, you can change your screen to have a different picture, say, a Spanish beach! Sadly, this plane won't be flying until 2018, and it will cost a helluva lot to travel on one!

What do you guys think? Are these TV screens necessary? Or do you like the idea of being able to look at a endangered animal while you fly? Tell us in the comments below!

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