Tuesday, 11 February 2014

"Welcome To Virgin Atlantic Flight Number... Hang On A Minute, I'm Getting A Call!"

"Captain, you've got to land the plane!"
"QUIET! A Nigerian prince needs my help!"

Virgin Atlantic are starting a 6-week trial period, where staff tending to Upper Class customers will be wearing Sony Smartwatch 2s and Google Glasses. This means that the staff won't need a computer, instead using Glass' voice control to find out booking information about that particular person, then check them in! Nifty, but hard to pronounce names might be a pickle! What if someone has to check in Apu?

But these non-sentient doohickeys will also be used to give passengers information about the flight, and what it's like at their destination, 'Murica. Also, in the future, the staff would be able to give you the food and drinks you want before you even ask for them, and they won't find the information out from your Overly Attached Girlfriend! Google Glass: The Ideal Serial Killer Accessory!

What do you think? Will not even having to order your food be on the flights of the future? Or will this technology be unreliable? Tell us in the comments below!

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