Friday, 28 February 2014

We Was Only Checking For Criminals, We Was!

"I can only protect who I can see!" David "The Dunce" Cameron

It turns out the NSA isn't the only security service that's been peeping at your webcams, Ol Blighty has got in on the act too! Using a program called Optic Nerve, the GCHQ (British equivalent of the NSA) took pictures of the "much used" Yahoo Video Chat service every 5 minutes in 2008, and then using the pictures as mugshots to determine who was in them and if they're a criminal or not. Sure, criminals using hi-tech equipment decide to use Yahoo for all their secret communications. And I'm The Puppet Man Of Norwich.

5S Selfie!
As you could imagine, they found nothing useful, so the operation was shut down. The interesting thing is, it turns out that they used the program before checking out if it was legal. So not even the most important security service can abide to the law. Oh yeah, and Edward Snowden leaked it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm just going to take a small security precaution.
Nice and safe!

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