Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wayback Wednesday: Rockstar North!

Rockstar North originally started out as DMA Design, made in 1988 in Scotland. They collaborated with Psygonosis to make a number of unimpressive 2D Shooters, until, in 1990, when they made Lemmings, which so successful it sold 20 million copies and spawned many yearly sequels. Eventually, Psygonosis left for Sony, and Rockstar were asked by Nintendo to make a game for the Nintendo 64. They created Body Harvest, pretty much their inspiration for their coveted GTA series, but since it was too violent, they handed it over to Midway, and started making the first Grand Theft Auto.
Grand Theft Auto was released for the PC in 2000, and many people said it was critically acclaimed, mainly for the ability to get into any car you wanted, and it's open world that you could explore. It was controversial, but that's what we love about it, right? Then, marketing hell happened. DMA was bought by Gremlin Interactive, but in turn Gremlin was bought by Infogrames, which complicated DMA's deal with Sony, so Infogrames sold DMA to Take-Two Interactive, and Sony's deal was changed to Rockstar Games. We didn't get that either! Later that decade, Grand Theft Auto 2 came out.
In 2001, the revolutionary Grand Theft Auto III came out, impressing everybody with it's 3D graphics, but also it's living, breathing open world and sense of story. Then, Rockstar bought DMA and changed their name to Rockstar North, and Sony signed a deal with Rockstar North to keep the game PS2 only. In 2002 GTA III came out for the PC, and the 80s Vibe-filled GTA Vice City came out to much critical acclaim, and then released GTAs III and Vice City for the Xbox, and everyone was happy! They then made Manhunt, probably the most violent game of all time, but we all know what happened next: GTA San Andreas, the perfect blend between Open World, Third Person Shooter and RPG, with an amazing story and great characters!
4 years later, GTA IV came out, bringing both an amazing story, and an internet meme, aka Roman's repeated asking "Cousin! You want to go Bowling?". Then DLCs The Lost And Damned (Meh) and The Ballad Of Gay Tony (OH MY GOD! SOOOO GOOD!) and finally, last year, the phenomenon that was GTA V! Purely for that, Rockstar North, we salute you!

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