Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wayback Wednesday: Life's Good!

The company that made my favouritest (Is that a word?) phone ever, the LG G2, and the best name for a phone ever, the LG Cookie, LG is an amazing company that has revolutionized the technology world, mainly with their astounding TVs. Let's take a look at their rich history!

It all started in 1958, when the first ever South Korean electronics company, Goldstar, started. This was one half of what LG is today. For 10 years, Goldstar kept on churning out radios, until, in 1966, they invented South Korea's first ever Black and White TV, the Goldstar VD-191. This was the start of LG's amazing reputation for their TVs, and it continued in 1977, when Goldstar started producing the first ever Korean colour TV (Even though colour TV wasn't broadcast in Korea for another 4 years!), the Goldstar CT-808, which was so popular, it was immediately sent to the USA, where they sold like hot Korean Noodles (Not racist, I've tried Korean noodles, and they're damn good!).

In 1981, Goldstar had a great year, making the first ever Korean Projection TV, a TV that uses a projecter to get enhanced picture quality, while also making over 20 different colour TVs since 1977, plus Goldstar could finally show their potential when Korean colour broadcasting started in 1981!

Skip forward 11 years later, and Goldstar were on a high, making Korea's first ever HQ (High Quality) TV, the SUPER Miracle. Then, 3 years later, the company got it's current name, LG, because Goldstar merged with a company called Lak-Hui (Pronounced 'Lucky'.), to become Lucky Goldstar, or LG. The company logo was changed to resemble the face of the future.

After that, LG went from strength to strength, setting TV records almost every year! In 1999, they made Korea's first LCD TV, and the world's thinnest 40-inch TV. In 2001, they made the first ever 60-inch TV and the world's first TV that could rewind live broadcasts. In 2007, they revealed the first ever wooden TV, then 1 year later, they won the Best of Best Innovation Award at CES 2008 for their TVs Bobo and Scarlet. In 2009, they made a Borderless TV, where the screen went right to the edges, and in 2010,  they made the biggest LED 3D TV, which was 72 inches, and they also made the world's first LED 3D TV. Finally, they reached the pinnacle of their history in 2011, when they made Smart TVs, the first ever TVs with apps!

For that LG, we salute you!

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