Friday, 7 February 2014

Top 5 Gaming Vehicles!

5. Battleship (Battlefield 1942)

The main reason the Battleship is on this list is because of the sheer amount of fun I've had being on this with my friends! The size and power of it alone makes it an unstoppable force, but when we and 9 of my friends were on this, we didn't die for a whole round! The teamwork was the best part; I remember we had one guy navigating, some guys on the guns and other guys were repairing the ship, you could say we were all in the same boat! (Pardon the pun!)

4. Vera (Call Of Duty 3)
 Personally, I think that Call Of Duty 3 is hugely underrated and is the best game in the series, mostly because of the levels in France when you took control of Vera, a superfast jeep with powerful MGs for the passengers! I did prefer shooting rather than driving, but they were great levels nonetheless! The only thing I hated about those levels was that if you were driving in third person and you turned the camera around, your character would always turn his head so you can't see his face!

3. Fire Truck (GTA San Andreas)
My fondest memories of this vehicle was squirting people and making them fall over on the sidewalk! The main reason I loved the Fire Truck so much was that it generated pure slapstick comedy, and it was damn useful when the Police were on you! One pastime which I used to do all the time (And still do!) is turn on the riot mode cheat and hose down all the rioters until they surrounded your car, and then chuck a grenade and drive away! The funniest part in the riot mode was when random NPC Fire Trucks would drive crazily, swerving everywhere and shooting water all around it! 

2. Scorpion (Halo Series)
Scorpions were so cool because in Halo 3 especially, they were the center of all the multiplayer games! Sure, the game's about getting the most kills, but mostly it was a mad dash to get the Scorpion, as the player that controlled it had a huge advantage! Also, my favorite level in the Halo series is the level in Halo CE (Name doesn't come to mind!) where you use the Scorpion, as even the Brutes seem weak!

1. Leviathan (Unreal Tournament 3)
Simply the best, strongest, biggest and most powerful vehicle I've ever come across in a game before, with a huge artillery cannon and four laser turrets, covering all directions! There's no blind spot on this beast, and when me and one of my friends played co-op with this, we were unstoppable!

What do you think? Do these vehicles deserve to be on this list? Are there any vehicles that you think are better than these? Tell us in the comments below!

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