Friday, 14 February 2014

Top 5 Extreme Sports Games!

5. Amped 2!
Not many people know about this game, mainly because SSX was the main snowboarding game, but this game drew me in more. Sure, Amped kinda sucked, but the sequel was so much cooler and fun, plus it bettered everything from the first game! Normally, the soundtracks on Extreme Sports games are amazing, and Amped carries on that feature, plus the character making was the best I've ever seen before I played the WWE games!
4.Skate 2
This is the game that drew me into the skate series, because it was what skating's all about: using urban areas to skate in and do tricks, not just stay confined in a skate park. The soundtrack is amazing, and it had so many missions to do, and so many areas to explore and skate around, plus I just loved trying to injure myself!

3. Jet Set Radio Future
I loved this game mainly because roller blading seemed a much more agile, flexible sport than skating or snowboarding, because you didn't have a board weighing you down. It was just the right difficulty, and after the great story, there was plenty more to do, my favorite activity being Rival Battles. There was so much to unlock, even if some of it was worthless, and, the main reason i love this game, it had such a big city, with so many areas to get around and pull off tricks!

2. Tony Hawks Pro Skater
This was the only reason I played my PS1. I just loved how the missions didn't confine you, you just had to do a certain amount of tricks in your own time, and you won! This game was hard, but then again, I always wanted to get better at it, and pull off combos that lasted for ages. Unfortunately, Tony Hawk Ride completely ruined the franchise for me, so I switched to the skate series!

1. Skate 3
The Flick Sticks. The best control system for a skating game ever. There was so much fluidity to it, and it enabled you to do so much more than you could do in a Tony Hawk game. However, the best part of this game is the comedy. Sure, the skating and missions in the game are fun, but Conker's Bad Fur Day can take a walk as far as this game is concerned, because this game is funny without even trying. The Hall Of Meat mode is the funniest and most fun video game mode I've ever played, and just messing around with the object placer made funny situations and glitches that anyone would slap their knees at!

What do you guys think? Do these games deserve to be on this list? Or are there better extreme sports games? Tell us in the comments below!

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