Friday, 21 February 2014

Top 3 Easiest Boss Fights!

3. Final Sepiroth Battle (Final Fantasy VII)
Hey, I know that Sepiroth is a well respected character, and I quite like him, but the last battle with him in FFVII is way too easy. Sure, you could kill him in one hit with an Omnislash, but the fight is pretty much impossible to lose! You could use a weapon that's at the start of the game and still beat him, mainly because he has such low health and you can kill him as soon as he's hit you once, because of your counterattack! 

2. Old King Coal (Banjo-Tooie)
The main reason that Old King Coal is so easy is because he literally doesn't attack. All he does is chase you, and when he catches up to you, he just shouts at you. He's like that kid that threatens to punch you if you don't give him your lunch money, and then just spends half an hour striking Tae-Kwon-Do poses until you swiftly kick is crown jewels and run away. But there's lava in the playground while you're fighting.

1. Drill Eggman (Sonic The Hedgehog 2)
Trust me, if you're trying to kill a supersonic hedgehog who can jump quite high, I wouldn't recommend a car. All you have to do is just jump on Eggman's head. He really didn't take into account that he was dealing with a supersonic hedgehog by ramming into him with a car. And Eggman's supposed to be a scientist. 

Apologies for the shorter article, there was a family occasion on today!

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