Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Key To Making A Successful App: Plagiarize and Keep The Cost Down!

I warn you, this article is only a tiny bit news and mostly opinion!

Red Bouncing Ball Spikes, an Impossible Game ripoff that has gained massive popularity a la Candy Crush, only cost $10 to make! Turns out it was made in a Gamesalad game-making program, and only minuscule changes were made before it was published on the App Store for 69p! So basically, if you paid for this game, you're paying for a rough version of The Impossible Game that was made with $10 and literally NO EFFORT!

 What I'm trying to say is that the mobile games market is completely broken! There are plenty of amazing games Plants VS Zombies, XCOM and Ridiculous Fishing that deserve a HUGE amount of respect because 1. They are genius and 2. No Microtransactions, and they get no respect because of stupid games like this! I hate to imagine what goes through people's heads when they decide to spend 69p on game they could've made themselves, or paying £10 on Candy Crush just to get more lives! It's disgusting! And if people keep on supporting these disgusting games, the game developers (Especially EA!) will think that microtransactions is what people want! They did it with Dead Space 3, and if this keeps going on as it is, we'll see microtransactions everywhere, and there will be no FULL games!

What do you think? Are games like this ruining the Industry? Or is the mobile games industry about giving games like this a chance? Tell us in the Comments below!

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