Monday, 10 February 2014

Swtor lowdown: NERF NERF AND one ANGRY AGENT!

Hi Guys!

Today I'm going talk to you about something that really annoyed me. The Nerfing of orbital strike, the Agent's AOE ability. Because I use this ability in PVP all the time and while leveling, it was annoying when  it became underpowered. It barely damages the mobs  in PVP because with my gear it's meant to overpower  but now it only does as much damage as it once did! :(

This is the PVP gear I use it's conqueror's professionals gear that increases duration of orbital strike and distance of takedown, two abilities I've since useed as a marksman sniper. 

Now why on earth would you underpowered that? Also the other classes' abilities are still at the same power making the orbital strike underpowered. Now my rant is over, that's all that happened this week. It's just a shame; it annoyed me and so many other people!

Hope this was helpful and fun to read!

Joe ;) 

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