Thursday, 6 February 2014

Swtor Lowdown: Come In Red Two!

Hi guys!

Time for some SWTOR, isn't that great! :) In this issue I will review the new Galactic Starfighter mode team deathmatch. Personally I think this mode is very fun! 16 man death matches testing skill and strength. The only problem is that there are some people who don't understand if you can't play very well. 

Today I was playing with my Strike Fighter, and I was almost kicked for not playing! Well, how is it my fault if I was defending someone else and not shooting? I think that feature should only be used if someone is generally inactive. (Rant over!). However if you're playing with friends than this mode can be very fun. Some great tag teaming can happen!

So get in game, team up and destroy each other senselessly! 

Overall I give Team Deathmatch a solid 7/10! To improve it could add more maps and different features and interventions like exploding asteroids or something. 

Hope this was helpful and see you around guys!

Joe :) 

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