Thursday, 6 February 2014

Slow Down, Recall The Cars...


Aston Martin probably makes the classiest and most expensive cars in the world. When you find out that almost 18,000 of them have bad gas pedals, you start to question the world. All American Aston Martins made since 2007 have been recalled, and all UK and New Zealander  (Is that right?) Aston Martins made since May 2012. Since these cars don't sell all that often because of their huge prices, this could be a big problem for not only Mr Martin, but also Mr Bond!

Apparently, the gas pedals were made out of counterfeit plastic, which is probably dirt cheap. My guess is that this 'Plastic' is really just the tears of all the workers. There have been no accidents but now that it's discovered, thanks to Murphy's Law, all the gas pedals would break if the cars weren't recalled.

And they all lived happily ever after! Except for M. She *gunshot*

No Spoilers!

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