Thursday, 27 February 2014

Scientists: Making Malware Before Hackers Did!

"You know how we could protect the internet? Making a new virus!"

Scientists have found a way to make a virus (Computer, not human!) that can spread through Wi-Fi Hotspots and the air. Seriously, it didn't need to be done, but for "scientific" reasons, it was made anyway, to "protect" technology users and find out how to stop these viruses.

Or in other words, find their Amazon password and buy a million Thighmasters.

According to the University Of Liverpool, "Ay Ay Ay Ay, Ay Ay!", which translates to "The virus can spread at the speed of a common cold, and travels via Wi-Fi waves, which spread from hotspot to hotspot. They've named it Chameleon (Hence the picture.) because... they, like Chameleons? And by the way, this isn't just some accusation or concept, this has actually been done! Don't worry though, it can't spread to your Wi-Fi at home, because it's password protected, but it can be used on free Wi-Fi Hotspots like in Starbucks (Finally, something cheap in there!) and in other cafes.

What do you guys think? Will making this virus just give Cybercriminals ideas? Or is it a good idea, because we can learn how to prevent viruses like it? Tell us in the comments below!

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