Thursday, 20 February 2014

Raucous Reviews: Warface Beta!

Let's get this elephant out of the room. Warface is NOT pay to win! Sure, there are microtransactions, but you can do well (And win!) any PVP or PVE match with the starting guns! Sure, the guns you can buy give you a (Tiny) advantage, but there's no way you'll go matches with barely any kills! It's pretty hard to earn the money to buy extra guns, equipment or armor, but it has an excellent renting system, so you can rent an item for a week, earn a bit more cash, then buy the item if you think it's worth it! Sure, you can pay with REAL money, but if you have common sense, DON'T.

There are two modes, the first being PVP. In PVP, there are 3 game types, Free For All, Team Deathmatch and Plant The Bomb. Sure, the game types are quite uninspired, but isn't it better playing for free than forking out £40 just for the new Call Of Duty game? There will be more modes in the actual Warface game, but these 3 modes are enough fun to not get bored of them. The maps aren't too big or small, and many different maps suit different classes (More on that later.), so there's quite a lot of variety in games, and the gameplay is a great mix of Titanfall's fast paced gameplay and Battlefield's team-based combat. Also, there are certain high walls on maps where two teammates can help each other up the wall, gaining both of them points, so there's a good sense of teamwork as well as individual ability.

The PVE mode is the gem of the game though, as there are 3 co-op missions that are changed every day. You can team up with up to 5 players and fight Blackwood as the freedom fighting team know as Warface. This has kept me playing the beta everyday, and will no doubt keep me hooked for even longer when the actual game comes out. The missions are simple: kill all the Blackwood soldiers in the area! There are easy, medium and hard levels every day, so PVE could keep you amused for a long time. Also, there are tutorial levels for each class, so new players can get straight into the game!

Next up are the classes! There are 4 different classes, Medic, Engineer, Rifleman and Sniper, all with their own strengths and weakness:
  • Riflemen carry assault rifles, and are are the ammo suppliers of the game. They are best on medium sized maps, and are the best all-round class in the game. 
  • Medics carry shotguns, and are best for close range combat. They have health packs to heal teammates and defibrillators to revive teammates, but nobody seems to wait for a revival, so the defibrillators are technically useless.
  • Snipers carry (Surprise!) sniper rifles and are best at long range combat. They don't have any special equipment, but their rifles are much more powerful than any gun.
  • Engineers carry SMGs, and carry armor packs that can restore teammates armor. They can also lay claymores and are able to detonate explosives in PVE much quicker than other classes. They are best at medium range combat.
The graphics are great looking, something Crytek are famous for, and there is no lag or framerate drops. Sure, there are quite a lot of glitches, but this is a beta, and most of the glitches are funny! The servers are well kept, and the community is great, but if you live in the UK, don't expect to get into any games until the evenings, as there aren't many UK players, so you'll have to wait until people for other countries come on the beta.

The Verdict!
Warface is a well constructed game. Sure, it lacks creativity here and there, but the fact that it isn't pay to win makes the game have a much bigger audience, so you'll have lots of people to play with when the game comes out. The PVP is great fun and is really competitive, and the PVE could entertain you for days, with 3 great missions to play every day. The classes are well balanced, and there are no server issues, so Warface really looks like a promising game!

PVE is endless fun                                                                               
                                                                                                                       Lacks creativity
It's not pay to win
                                                                                                                       Small audience 
Classes are balanced

You can join the Warface beta on Xbox 360 by signing up on the Xbox Home or the Warface website. Warface is also available on PC.

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