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Raucous Reviews: LocoCycle!

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LocoCycle, which came out yesterday on the XBLA for Xbox 360, is an Action/Motorcycle On Steroids Simulator, where you control I.R.I.S, a robotic motorcycle made by a company called Big Arms. I.R.I.S is presented at a Big Arms event (Along with S.P.I.K.E, another robotic motorcycle.), but is struck by lightning, and sent to a mechanic, Pablo. Upon getting to the repair shop, I.R.I.S discovers that there is a motorcycle rally going on in SCOTTSBURG, INDIANA (Trust me, you'll hear that a lot.). I.R.I.S sets off on a journey from Nicaragua to Scottsburg, dragging poor Pablo behind her. On the way, Big Arms agents, and S.P.I.K.E, try to stop her.

Let's start off with a big point. This isn't a racing game. At not point are you racing against people, but in some levels you must get to a certain area before the time limit runs out. The objective of the levels is to kill all the enemies coming at you. There is no button to drive forward, as the game does that for you, so your abilities are easier to do and it makes the game less complicated. The turning is fluid and easy, and your other abilities are Nitro, Shooting and... Motorcycle Kung-Fu? That's right, you defeat many enemies by floating into the air, kicking the snot out of agents, and throwing Pablo around like a ninja throwing star. New enemies are introduced every level, but instead if varying the enemies, the levels put the same type of agent many times in a row, so it feels quite repetitive.

The game's difficulty is spot on, as the game felt easy enough, but I still died quite often. It took me about 5 hours to finish the game, which is decent for an arcade game. There are 5 Levels, all of which consist of 3 Missions, and there is also a final mission at the end. At the end of every Level, you fight S.P.I.KE in a different situation, but the fights are long and repetitve, and the Street-Fighter esque mission at the end of Level 5 was frustrating and confusing. However, this game is a helluva lot of fun, as there is so much over the top action, and the fact that you can push cars around like they're tin foil provides quite a bit of comedy! Not to mention the amazing upgrade system, which actually feels like it makes a difference, but it doesn't make the game too easy.

The graphics are OK, but it feels like this game should look a lot better, considering that this a next-gen game that should be pushing my 360 to the limits, but it looks like only I.R.I.S and Pablo were actually polished, as many other cars look quite low-res. However, Twisted Pixel distracts you from this, with explosions and a fast pace, which makes it OK. Then, there's the live action cut scenes. As soon as I heard about there being movie cut scenes, I thought they would be terribly grilled-cheesy (You'll get that if you play the game!). However, my thoughts were instantly reversed, as I discovered this game had SATIRE! My favorite type of comedy! Sure, it's got Twisted Pixel style Toilet-Humor, but these movies are expertly directed, and I was always looking forward to the next one! This game is master of comedy, and if you like adult and childish humor, this game will put a smile on your face.

There isn't much of a replayability factor, as there is nothing besides the campaign, but there are Leaderboards and Achievements, so this game could amuse you for a while, plus at the end of every mission, you are graded on your performance, so that adds a little challenge as well. After the campaign, you get your total score of the campaign in Credits, where you can find concept art, actor profiles, behind the scenes videos, avatar awards, and a lot of hidden comedy! There is a downloadable content menu, so Twisted Pixel might be planning some DLC, depending on the game's success. 

The Verdict
LocoCycle is the first game of it's kind since Carmageddon and Road Rash (Games of the 90s!) and it carries that torch with pride, and that it should. Sure, this game looks like a kid's game, but look between the lines, and Twisted Pixel have added in some excellent adult comedy, and there's some for the kids too! This game charms me so much, and whenever the amazing and well-thought out characters make a quip, in the game or in the mini-movies, it puts a smile on my face, and makes me love the game even more. It's action packed and definitely fun, but the repetitiveness and disappointing graphics ruin the game a little for me. However, for the good price of only £8 ($10), this is a great game to play for any fan of Twisted Pixel's older games, or fans of Carmageddon or Road Rash waiting for their fill of crazy action packed levels!

Score: 7/10
Great Live Action Cutscenes                                                            Repetitiveness
Full Of Comedy                                                                               Not Much Replayability 
Over The Top Action

A big thanks to Jay Stuckwisch for providing us with the review code!

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