Monday, 24 February 2014

"Price Check On Xbox..."

"You know, the console that we still have 900,000 of.."

Great news for people who are craving that lovely green box, as it turns out the Xbox One will be getting a price drop already, from £429 to £400, plus the Titanfall game. Sure, you can still get a PS4 for £350, but adding up this price means that if you buy this Xbox bundle, it's pretty much the same price as buying a PS4 and a game, so this is evening out the console war a little now. At least in the UK.

Yep, sadly this price drop is only happening in the UK! Of course, us English people will just be laughing as we eat our crumpets, drink our tea and say 'bottom' a lot. At least, that's my neighbors do anyway. Still, if you converted dollars to pounds, it turns out that the Xbox was more expensive in the UK anyway, so this is just a sneaky change from Miccy Mouse, because technically, the Xboxs are being sold at full price. Damn you, subtleness!

What do you guys think? Will this price drop sway you towards buying and Xbox? Or do only specs matter to you? Tell us in the comments below!

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