Wednesday, 5 February 2014

No Betas! No Trials! Only Updates!

Sorry guys, It's been a slow news day, and I couldn't think of an iOS punchline. FORGIVE ME

Yesterday, Apple released it's FIFTH beta for iOS 7.1. I mean, seriously, the phonetic code exists, why don't you use it! I think that the iOS 7.1 Epsilon sounds a bit better! Anyways, Apple have hinted at a March release for iOS 7.1, which is set to cause SLIGHT CHANGE among the mobile operating system world!

Here are some of the 'revolutionary' changes to expect when the not-so-longly-anticipated 7.1 is released:

You know the exciting 'Slide to Unlock' feature? It's back! And this time it's 'Slide To Power Off' as well!

Many different buttons in the Phone section of iOS 7.1 have either been turned into circles or had their backgrounds removed, for a sleeker look.

The Keyboard seems to be a bit bolder!

Also, and iOS in the Car update has been added, so now it's easier to use (You guessed it!) iOS in the Car!

Last of all, there are plenty of fixes for things like random reboots and animations.

A solid update but, as you can guess by the nature of this post, nothing too impressive!

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