Thursday, 13 February 2014

Kickstarting Thursday with Smart Robotic Game Piece for Physical & Digital Play!

Sure, it doesn't have a catchy name, but hear me out!

The Ozobot (As I shall call it!) is a smart robot that anyone can program to do anything they want, provided that it's on a tablet or phone! It's pretty much a video game controller, only tiny and easier to use! This is the latest push for getting kids to learn programming, as kids could not only complete interactive lessons on any subject, but also learn the basics of robot programming, similar to LEGO Mindstorms, but cheaper!

They're only an inch in diameter and height, but has still got style and substance! It looks streamlined, and can be as childish or as sleek as you want! It's got multicolored LEDs, has slow and fast speed settings, can make decisions by itself and has a quick charging battery! There will be 4 apps for it upon release, but many more will be made by different companies, so expect some amazing storytelling apps and learning apps for kids, so people of all ages will be pleased! So far there's OzoPath, a maze escape game, OzoDraw, where you, uhh.. you know, draw, OzoLuck, a game of chance that requires almost no input from you, as the independent thinking Ozobot decide your ending, and OzoRace, where you use physical racetracks!

You only need to fund $45 to get an Ozobot, while you'll also get a carrying case, some OzoRace racetracks and a USB charging cable! At the time of writing, 56% has been funded of it's $100,000 goal, and there are 15 days to go, so make sure to fund it! Here is the link to the website, and I hope you guys enjoyed this feature!

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