Thursday, 20 February 2014

Kickstarting Thursday with Galactic Princess!

Galactic Princess looks to be the next great FTL-style game, where you build your own spaceship and work your way up in the space smuggling world! It also has all the great features from games like Elite, so you can trade items like food and slaves and being a general pain in the space butt to other ships. It's going to be quite a funny game as well, with satire and parody strewn across the story! The story is simple: You are the captain of a smuggling ship, and you want to gain as much power and money as you can to overcome the Spacecops. To do so, you'll have to go after the legendary Galactic Princess, who will grant you the power to bring destroyed planets back to life.

Sure, you can decide how the outside of the spaceship looks, and what shape it is, plus where all the things like weapons, shields etc go. The weapons are your usual space weapons, with lasers, rockets and explosives all available, if you have the cash. However, the thing that sets this apart from FTL is that you can also see the inside of your ship in its glorious 8 bit graphics. There are so many rooms for you to explore in your ship, including prisons, docks, cargo holds, cockpits, research labs and more, plus all the information that you need is on the monitors that are found all over the ship, so you'll feel like a real (But they aren't!) space smuggler!

There are also two different types of battles. Ship vs Ship is a FTL style battle where you aim at different parts of the enemy ship for different consequences, e.g destroying enemy engines stops the ship from moving. There's also Crew vs Crew, where either you've sent boarding capsules to the enemy ship, or they've sent boarding capsules to yours. This is an RTS mode where you assign all of your crew to different things, such as enslaving crew members or fighting them, plus you also decide which crew members get certain guns, so there's quite a lot of tactics involved in both types of battles.There are also many different races in Galactic Princess, including pets, smugglers, spacecops, robots and many different alien species, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Mantis' are renowned for their close combat abilities, while Pets help you maintain the crew's mental health and morale.At the time of writing, Galactic Princess has been 90% funded, and it still has 24 days to go! You only have to pay £10  ($16) to get the game, which is sadly coming out in 2015, but if you're feeling generous, you can pay £2000 ($3264) and get a copy of the game, a mouse pad, a USB stick, an artbook, access to the beta and you get to design a series of quests in the game, and have your name in the credits! There are also many stretch goals:

£30,000 gets the game more races, weapons, pets and side quests
£40,000 gets the game more shapes to customize your spaceship
£50,000 gets the game extra polish and mechanics, including mining
£60,000 gets the game mod support
£70,000 gets the game more stats for each crew member
£80,000 gets the game alternate endings
£90,000 gets the game a weapon editor
£100,000 gets the game 2D platformer controls
£150,000 gets the game a gravity system
£200,000 gets the game planet exploration

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