Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Joe's View On The GAME BAFTAS

Hi guys!

I just wanted to say what games I want to win awards in the BAFTAS!
I have no idea what categories there are, but I would like to see Bioshock Infinite to get an award because it is an amazing game with a great story. 

Secondly, I would like (predictable) GTA5 for best game. Now personally I prefer Saints Row (What you gonna, do kill me?) but it was an amazing game and it's British. So I hope that picks up an award. 

Lastly I hope that Halo picks up an award as I really like the game and I'm all about the story. I think it's really good and deserves recognition.

Sadly, my fave game for the year is Contrast, which isn't getting any awards. I really recommend that you get the album because it is so good sadly it won't be getting an award. :( Seriously, I love this game and I will review it later. 

Hope these games win, but  who do you want to win? 
Tell us in the comments bellow 

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