Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I'll Make A Better Flappy Bird Game, With Cigarettes And Monkey Heads!

Yeesh, is this guy an app developer or an Doomsayer?

After there's been so much hysteria and craziness over the death of Flappy Bird (And the birth of several knock-offs, my favorite being Ironpants!), hopefully all this madness should come to an end. Actually, after what Nguyen (You know who he is!) said to Forbes, the argument is going to get a helluva lot worse! After turning down interview after interview, Nguyen finally decided to talk to Forbes. He pretty much said that we're much better off without the app, because it was supposed to be a game played in short amounts of time, not a game people were getting addicted to.

Apparently, Nguyen was also smoking many cigarettes and repeatedly drawing monkey heads on a piece of paper. NEW GAME IDEA! You play as a failing artist, drawing monkey heads in more and more artistic ways, until a guy on the street notices you, invites you to his house and imprisons you. (C) Sam Brooke

Nguyen felt guilty about letting people become addicted to his game, but he says he will still make games. Hooray?

What do you guys think? Is Nguyen over thinking his app? Or is he right in saying we shouldn't get addicted to games? Tell us in the comments below!

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