Thursday, 13 February 2014

Have You Heard About Stella?

A pink bird that throws itself into pigs. Sure, that'll please the women.

Rovio have announced a new Angry Birds game, probably to get former Flappy Bird addicts their fill of dying birds. Now that I'm typing it, it doesn't sound right!

Anyway, this new game is called Angry Birds Stella, starring Stella (Previously 'Pink Bird') and her friends, as they fling themself out of slingshots to get back their stolen unborn babies. Seriously, Angry Birds is sounding a bit creepy now!

However, the developers noted that even though Stella is pink, she is still a fiery and fierce character and, since she's in the lead role, a natural leader and mentally strong. Rovio also said there would be interesting enemies, so maybe they felt they 'milked' the Green Pigs so much that a new enemy would be a good idea! Rovio have really been secretive about the new game, but last of all said that Stella would have to deal with problems regarding her friendships and her enemies! Sheesh, this is Rovio, not Telltale Games! However, the best part is....


What do you guys think? Will you be attracted to a more story driven Angry Birds? Or do you just want a simple mobile game to pass the time? Tell us in the comments below!

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