Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Garry Ain't Rusty!

According to the internet, people prefer playing a game where naked people hit each other with rocks than a game with the best physics ever. Pshh.

The game that created such gems as Prop Hunt, Murder, Hide and Seek and Trouble In Terrorist Town has finally reached $30 million in sales, after it was released in the back end of 2006 for only $10. Garry Newman (Garry's Mod creator) said in a tweet that "Garry's Mod has just broken $30 million!", but then came out with the kinda good/bad news that Rust had already outsold it. IN 3 MONTHS.

Well, at least Newman's company Facepunch made Rust!

And the best part? Rust is only in Alpha! A game that hasn't even been finished has outsold a game that's been out for 9 years! Still, both games are great and deserve great respect, but it's crazy how much Early Access games sell for now! Also, www.techienews.co.uk revealed that Rust made 40% of what Garry's Mod has made in an entire lifespan in 5 weeks. Ouch.

What do you guys think? Are Early Access games worth buying? Or is playing an unfinished game still as fun as buying a finished one? Tell us in the comments below!

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