Friday, 14 February 2014

From Russia With Love...

Hi guys!

Our pals Mario and Sonic are at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games so I thought i would just tell you! Not really a review, just as it's Olympic season. Some of you may want to play this game ( No, you're not too old to play the game!). Well all your favorite Olympic Sports are able for you to play including bobsleigh, curling and ice skating. Personally it's just a copy of the Vancouver 2010 game but in Russia!

If you still have your Wii or have purchased the 'next gen' version, the Wii U, then I recommend getting this game or one of the earlier counterparts. Why? Because it's just good family fun and the ever addictive extreme sports are very fun to play. My favorite is Dream Snowboarding, as you can grind across bridges and jump up sky scrapers to beat your friends. I know if I ever have friends round and we're bored this, may come out the closet. 

Hope this was helpful and maybe you will pick up the game after reading as it's just fun right. I recommend trying to find a copy on eBay or Amazon, and i give this game a solid 8/10! Why ? Because it's just fun to play and is a good party game for all ages.

Now here's the Dream event ...

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