Sunday, 9 February 2014

End Of The Week Extravaganza: February 9th!

After the huge cock-up that was Windows 8, Microsoft have decided that the next move to make this year better than the disappointing 2013 is Windows 8.2, a free update to 8.1 that will probably be released later this year, meaning that it should be a HUGE improvement! The interface will look more polished, you'll actually be able to find the start menu, and it'll smoother changing from Metro to Desktop (Well, I call it that anyway!).

I have to admit, this ones a little subjective, but I was disappointed at the announcement of Satya Nadella as the new Microsoft CEO, because Nadella already worked at Metrosoft, so he may not bring much change. To me, he just seems like a safe pick, so Windows 8.2 could really be their own big product of 2014, but i'm hoping Nadella can prove me wrong! I was just hoping for a bigger outside name *cough* I'MNOTSURE *cough*.


You know when I wrote an article about Sony not selling Vaio to Lenovo? And I said that they must've had a big idea for the brand? I wasn't expecting this! Sony has decided to end it's Vaio brand, instead of selling it to Lenovo, which is pretty dumb! The reason that the Vaios are no more is that their PCs really weren't selling well, and Sony are probally focuses on their phones, TVs and PS4, so the Vaio was deemed unnecessary, and they ended it. Not sure if Good Guy Greg or Bad Luck Brian! You decide!

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