Sunday, 23 February 2014

End Of The Week Extravaganza: February 23rd!

Hey, you know Nike showed off those Power Laces last year, and you thought that they were just teasing? Well it turns out that they're releasing Power Lace shoes in 2015, so that's not long to wait for all of you Back To The Future fans and people who've just found out what Back To The Future is! These shoes look exactly like Marty McFly's, and all you have to do is put your feet in them, and the strap automatically tightens around your ankle!  Let's just hope they don't cost as much as Jordans!

The BAD!
Sure, this should be in the good news that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is getting a 16MP camera and the ability to shoot 4K video, but really I think this should be in the bad news because it seems like Sammy has focused on the camera more than the actual phone itself. A while back, I did an article about the leaked specs of the S5, and I was a bit dissapointed, and now I am a little more because it seems they cared more about the camera than anything else! Sure, 4K is great, but is it necessary, because there are only 2 4K TVs out right now, and they're expensive!

Google made a list of rules about not being a Glasshole when wearing Google Glass, after a woman was accused of watching films on it while driving. Sure, it's a safe precaution, but come on, this is common sense! And if these people who are testing Glass are willing to wear some futuristic thing on their face, they're gonna look weird anyway! 

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