Sunday, 16 February 2014

End Of The Week Extravaganza: February 16th!

A anonymous Twitch user is streaming Pokemon Red on an emulator. Nothing special? Is there ever something special. This Twitch user happens to be an amazing programmer, and he's managed to make a formula that converts Twitch comments into commands for the game, so the commenters (Usually the worst kind of internet user, if you've seen the YouTube comments!) are actually playing the game! And if you think this is a bad idea, think again, as they managed to beat the 3rd Gym Leader in 4 hours!

OK, let me just get this straight. The Last Of Us: Left Behind is NOT a bad thing. The game is still amazing, and it's got the great storytelling, graphics and acting of the full game. The only bad thing about this amazing DLC is the price. $15 is how much the price is. If this add-on was particularly long, that would be OK. However, this is only a few hours long, but people will still buy it anyway. Great DLC, bad pricing.

The Titanfall Beta has been released. Excellent, it's great and people have been raving about it. If only people could play it. Now, I may be overexaggerating here, as I haven't participated in the beta, but I've heard many reports of people not being able to play in the Beta, and not just the open beta, but the closed one too. Somehow, they chose a certain amount of people to play in the beta, and they didn't buy enough servers.

Oh yeah, and it doesn't run on 1080p on the Xbox One.

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