Thursday, 6 February 2014


Kotaku, how could you! And don't blame it on mistranslation, because I KNOW you can speak Japanese!

Yesterday, I falsely reported that Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is apparently 2 hours long. How wrong was I! spoke to Hideo Kojima's assisant Ayako, who revealed that the article was false and said "not to believe them (Kotaku.).". My next prediction is that the gameplay is actually 2 hours long, but each cutscene lasts 50 minutes, so technically speaking, this could be a better film/game than Beyond: Two Souls! Take that, Cage!

Not you, Nic!

Anyway, even if the main story isn't that long, this is an open-world game, so there should be plenty of things to keep you going up until the Phantom Pain! However, it's gotta put a lot of content in the open world, because, as games like GTA V have proved, you can only do so much in an open world game by yourself!

Maybe, Snake's repetitive shouting of 'COLONEL!' could become as famous as GTA's 'wasted' death screen, as many youtubers and gamers alike throw poor Snake off of buildings!

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