Friday, 7 February 2014

Call Of Duty: Now With Sledghammers!

"This year's Call Of Duty will revolutionize the gaming world. The Multiplayer will include the ability to CONNECT TO YOUR TABLET and PUT DOTS ON THE MAP! Other than that, this game is a 'winning' franchise, so we're keeping it the same. Change is too hard." -Sledgehammer Games

The winds of slight alternation are blowing in the Call Of Duty world, as developer Sledgehammer Games, who worked on the game that killed a franchise (Call Of Duty), Call Of Duty: MW3. That was the game that included a FAINTLY EMOTIONAL SCENE and a campaign where things blew up. That's right, the co-developers of probably the worst Call Of Duty game of all time are joining the development cycle!

This means that Treyarch, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer will all get 3 years each to make the next COD game, which means that the games may look better and have more innovation in them. I highly doubt it, but for a franchise I loved up until Black Ops, I kinda want it to go back to it's old WW2 roots, or a different time period that hasn't been used. Game Informer suggested that Treyarch would handle the Black Ops series, Infinity Ward would make the Ghosts series, and Sledgehammer would revive the franchise that they messed up, Modern Warfare.

In my opinion, I highly doubt it, as the best COD games didn't tie in with each other. I think that even if the Call Of Duty series doesn't change and people still give it flak, it won't matter because there are so many hypocrites on the internet that complain about the game, and then buy it! What do you guys think? Will this new developer bring change to the stale COD series, or will it just be more of the same? Tell me below!

I found out about this at Game Informer

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