Thursday, 20 February 2014

Blue Screen Of Death? Psshh!

"We thought that people missed the old Red Ring Of Death, so we gave them something better!" ~~ Imaginary Xbox Spokesman

The new Xbox One update that's supposed the kickstart the turning of tables on the PS4 has many great features that have been added. You can now see how much memory your games are using, manage your download queue, use a USB keyboard with the Xbox and improved Kinect voice commands, plus much more. Oh yeah, and there's a new successor to the Red Ring Of Death: The Black Screen!

Prison Mike hates Xbox more than prison.
The update came out last Friday, and since then people have been reporting on many websites that when they turn on the Xbox One, a black screen comes up, instead of the usual green screen, and nothing happens. If this problem's affected you, Microsoft have stated that you should hold the Xbox button for 10 seconds and try again. If that doesn't work, go to, which should help you out. Apparently, Microsoft have found a fix for this problem, but we don't know when it'll come out. The next Xbox update is coming out on March 3rd (Because of Titanfall), but hopefully Miccy Mouse will roll out the fix before then.

What do you guys think? Will Microsoft solve this problem before March 3rd? Or will they leave unlucky Xbox owners wanting a fix for a long time? Tell us in the comments below!

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