Wednesday, 12 February 2014

BAFTA, GTAV, TLOU And Other Abbreviations.

The Video Game Baftas have finally released their shortlists for their awards, and judging by the choices, NEXT GEN SUCKS!

That's right, the current gen seems to rule the roost of 2013, with The Last Of Us chirping up with 10 Nominiations, with GTA V strutting close behind with 9. Chasing these chickens are Tearaway, AC IV: Black Flag, Bioshock Infinite, The Stanley Parable, Papers Please, Super Mario 3D World and others. My personal favorite award, Best Performer, is packed-as-tight-as-chickens-in-a-coop, with amazing actors such as Steven Ogg (Trevor, GTA V), Kevan Brighting (Stanley Parable Narrator) and (Of course...) Troy Baker! (Every game ever!).

I really kept up those chicken puns, didn't I?

However, the one award everyone's clucking about (Please stop) is the Best Game award, with the nominees being GTA V, The Last Of Us, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Papers Please, Tearaway and Super Mario 3D World. That is one closely fought cockfight! (ENOUGH!) Also, we have the Best British Game award, one for all the Britons that want one thing to be proud of, which is contested by GTA V, Tearaway, DMC, Gunpoint, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and The Room Two. Later, I'll vent my predictions!

What do you guys think? Do some of  these games seem overrated and nondeserving of a nomination? Or are these good choices? Tell us in the comments below!

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