Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bad Servers For Everyone!

Good and bad news for all Xbox One owners today! Good news: You can get into the Titanfall Beta now! Bad news: You own an Xbox One!
That's right, all owners of the TiVO.. Sorry, GAMES CONSOLE, will be able to get into the Titanfall Beta! Respawn Entertainment tweeted (in)appropriately that you could "Go ahead and crush those servers.". It's good to know that Respawn have confidence in themselves!
I think they only meant to say this because they just wanted to see how the servers coped under heavy demand, so they can know whether they have a SimCity sized problem on their hands or not. Also, Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) said that an open PC Beta would come soon, so the "Master Race" aren't going to be left out. It's good that they've decided to release an open beta now, as that means they'll have a good month to buy more servers and make improvements.
Those poor, poor people on eBay that actually BOUGHT those codes...
What do you guys think? Will the servers be able to survive such a popular beta? Or will they be crushed? Tell us in the comments below!

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