Friday, 21 February 2014

App Store Takes A Wrecking Ball!

Guys, once in a while I can't think of a punny title, I've gotta be serious at some point...


Anyway, here's the real news: a celebrity-based rip off game has topped the Apple App Store charts! What a unpredictable market that is! Seriously, the App Store is really annoying me now. There's no point of respected developers making mobile games anymore, because whenever they could choose between a £2 AAA mobile game and a plagiarized game with hidden microtransactions, the latter is always their first choice. Now, not everyone who owns a phone is like this, but it just annoys me how people with literally no ideas can rip off a game and earn money.

So, let's take a look at how amazing Flying Cyrus is. You are Miley Cyrus' head, and you must navigate between wrecking balls and sledgehammers. It sounds WAY better before you play it, but trust me, it's just as frustrating as Flappy Bird. Which makes it very popular, because people LOVE punching holes in their walls and making deals with the devil just to get a higher score.


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