Monday, 24 February 2014

A Dream Come True! (Kinda)

"We decided we should just make our own more complicated style of Android, just for lolz."

The new Nokia X phone that runs "Android" actually runs a completely different version to the usual Android than we expected! Turns out Nokia (Or Microsoft *grumble*) have decided to make their own spin on Android, but instead of being subtle changes, like Samsung's or HTC's, Nokia have made an Android SO different that Android apps have to be reprogrammed a little to make them compatible with the Nokia X.

This new OS is pretty much WP8 with smaller live tiles. The store will be called the Nokia Store, and will contain WP8 apps as well as Android apps, but don't worry about lack of Android apps, because Nokia said it will only take 2 hours to make an app compatible with the Nokia X. Also, all the features like Google Drive, Google Maps and Google Hangouts will be replaced with Nokia and Microsoft's own versions, OneDrive, Nokia Maps and Skype respectively.

What do you guys think? Does Nokia really need to run their own style of Android? Or does this OS look more appealing to you than usual Android OSs? Tell us in the comments below!

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