Friday, 14 February 2014

£40 For Titanfall? That's Ridiculously Cheap!

First Flappy Bird, now Titanfall?

After Titanfall Beta received universal praise from beta players and game journalists alike for its fluid gameplay and sense that you didn't need a Titan to win a game, or do well. The Beta got so much praise, that instead of actually USING the Beta code to play this amazing game, some people got green dollar signs in their eyes, a la Flappy Bird players, and decided to sell their code on eBay! You may think that this time (That's a lot of Ts!) people won't be so stupid, and only pay £20-40 for the code, but, humans being humans, they are bidding 4 FIGURES just to get the code!

Throw in the fact that the beta is running for a limited time, and maybe they could've just waited for Titanfall to come out in a month, and only pay £40 for the FULL GAME! So far, the highest price has been £3500, so now you can see why no one can be trusted with money. But me. GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY

What do you guys think? Is the code worth thousands of pounds, since it's a great game? Or is everyone on eBay stupid? Tell us in the comments below!

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